Renders an element in a composite widget that receives focus on mouse move and loses focus to the composite base element on mouse leave. This should be combined with the CompositeItem component, the useCompositeItem hook or any component/hook that uses them underneath.

Code examples

const composite = useCompositeStore();
<Composite store={composite}>

Optional Props


BooleanOrCallback<React.MouseEvent<HTMLElement, MouseEvent>> | undefined

Determines if the composite item should lose focus when the mouse leaves. By default, this is set to true if focusOnHover is true.

Live examples


BooleanOrCallback<React.MouseEvent<HTMLElement, MouseEvent>> | undefined = true

Determines if the composite item should be focused on hover.

Live examples


CompositeStore | undefined

Object returned by the useCompositeStore hook. If not provided, the closest Composite or CompositeProvider components' context will be used.

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