Deprecated: This component has been renamed to FormControl. The API remains the same.

Abstract component that renders a form field. Unlike FormInput, this component doesn't automatically pass the value and onChange props down to the underlying element. This is so we can use it not only for native form elements but also for custom components whose value is not controlled by the native value and onChange props.

Code examples

const form = useFormStore({
content: "",
const value = form.useValue(form.names.content);
<Form store={form}>
<FormLabel name={form.names.content}>Content</FormLabel>
onChange={(value) => form.setValue(form.names.content, value)}

Required Props



Field name. This can either be a string corresponding to an existing property name in the values state of the store, or a reference to a field name from the names object in the store, ensuring type safety.

Live examples

Optional Props


((props: CollectionStoreItem) => CollectionStoreItem) | undefined

A memoized function that returns props to be passed with the item during its registration in the store.

Code examples

const getItem = useCallback((data) => ({, custom: true }), []);
<CollectionItem getItem={getItem} />


string | undefined

The unique ID of the item. This will be used to register the item in the store and for the element's id attribute. If not provided, a unique ID will be automatically generated.

Live examples


RenderProp<React.HTMLAttributes<any> & { ref?: React.Ref<any> | undefined; }> | React.ReactElement<any, string | React.JSXElementConstructor<any>> | undefined

Allows the component to be rendered as a different HTML element or React component. The value can be a React element or a function that takes in the original component props and gives back a React element with the props merged.

Check out the Composition guide for more details.


boolean | undefined = true

Whether the item should be registered as part of the collection.


FormStore<FormStoreValues> | undefined

Object returned by the useFormStore hook. If not provided, the closest Form or FormProvider components' context will be used.


BooleanOrCallback<React.FocusEvent<Element, Element>> | undefined = true

Whether the field should be marked touched on blur.

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