Renders a checkmark icon when the checked prop is true. The icon can be overridden by providing a different one as children.

When rendered inside a Checkbox component, the checked prop is automatically derived from the context.

Code examples

Optional Props


boolean | undefined

Determines if the checkmark should be rendered. This value is automatically derived from the context when it exists. Manually setting this prop will supersede the derived value.

Live examples


RenderProp<React.HTMLAttributes<any> & { ref?: React.Ref<any> | undefined; }> | React.ReactElement<any, string | React.JSXElementConstructor<any>> | undefined

Allows the component to be rendered as a different HTML element or React component. The value can be a React element or a function that takes in the original component props and gives back a React element with the props merged.

Check out the Composition guide for more details.


CheckboxStore<CheckboxStoreValue> | undefined

Object returned by the useCheckboxStore hook.

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